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About Classic Home Improvement

A stress-free work environment, teamwork and customer trust are keys to success at Classic Home Improvements on Ellicott Street. The business has been named in the top half of the top 500 in a national trade magazine, Qualified Remodeler, for six consecutive years.

"There is no magic in the home improvement business, just good quality workmanship. If you do a good job and go back and fix anything that is wrong, customers come back," according to owner Eric Biscaro.

A native of Bliss, Biscaro began his career in the home siding business with a part-time job during weekends and vacations before he graduated from Letchworth High School. He continued to work for other contractors until he was 20 years old. In 1977, he started his own business with a hammer, a chalk line and two employees. Before the first house was completed, he had three other home improvement jobs lined up.

"Most people do some type of home improvement or remodeling within five years of acquiring the home. They may redesign a roof, add a patio or change siding. whatever it is, they will do something after they have looked at a home for five years," said Biscaro.

"I love to move around. The longest it takes to do a job is two weeks. That way nobody gets bored. Give us a siding, roofing, new window or patio job, we get in and get it done and get out and it looks great."

Biscaro never dreamed his business would get this big. "I anticipated 5 to 10 crews, averaging two men per crew." As the number of jobs increased, Biscaro moved to Genesee County to be closer to his work. "With customers in Genesee, Wyoming, Orleans, Monroe and Erie counties, we try to keep travel time to a maximum of one hour," he said, "Genesee County is a central location."

If the contractors he worked for at age 16 had the volume of business Biscaro has today, he might still be working for someone else. Instead, he has 40 people working for him.

Biscaro is out of the office most of the time, moving from project to project, greeting his crews on the job, checking on progress. He uses "we" frequently, and when he says we, he means we. he considers himself part of the regular work crew. Today, Biscaro's busy schedule includes attendance at a variety of national product shows, where he checks out the latest in building materials.

There have been some significant changes to Classic in 2004. One major change was the structure of management that's been set into place. Stephen Dayka, who has been with the company since 1993, is now our President of Sales, while Eric Biscaro remains as our CEO. In 2011 Chris Harper came on board as VP of Production. We are confident that setting some new management into place will help us grow, and will certainly help us to serve you better.

As always our estimates are free.